2012 04 25 1

Wed April 25 2072

Barstow California: The peace is uneasy out here, it seems the gangs are holding sway on the town, and despite that, things are fairly calm. Most days. Today though, the ork known as Steel decided to pick a fight with one of the elven gang members, a sturdy elf girl with hand razors. The overconfident ork quickly found the girls skill to be more than he could handle, and when he drew his assault rifle to fire….things got worse. Witnesses said it was over so fast they don't know exactly what happened, but what came after, everyone in Barstow was talking about.

Steel currently hangs on the side of the old Pioneer Bank, cruicified to the wall with rebar through his cyberlimbs. A sign hangs from his chest for all to read 'Guilty: Disturbing the Peace'

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