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Tues April 24 2072

She's been out of the game for a while. Phoenix. Aladriel Cindel. One of the best hermetic magi in Denver. Watching the rise of Barstow with some mix of concern, interest and trepidation, she sets out to learn what she can. She learns they don't like hermetics. That the Mojave does not typically allow hermetic magi in.


It's about paradigm. Shamanism is about the athropomorphism of natural phenomena. Talking to the land through its spirits. It's about being water that flows through the natural channels of the world and working with it. Heremticism is about science - taking what is here and turning it to your own ends. Formulea, not pleases and thank you's. Summoning circles and spiritual slavery. Binding elementals to your will for years at a time with no hope of freedom.

The magical Mojave does not care for, nor want these people. They are anathema to the Mojave, which rises as a place of power in the physical world for spirits - and spirits alone. The destruction of deeprock at White Mesa was a wakeup call. These are the things Ally learns as she researches.

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