2012 04 24 7

Tues April 24 2072

Meanwhile, back in barstow…

Rose doesn't have his sights set solely on blow and hookers. Control a city's crime and you control the city, and he wants it all. To that end, a pair of his heavy razors are making the rounds of the local fences, chop docs, and fixers. You work for Rose now, they patiently explain. Alright, "patiently" may be a bit of an exaggeration. These two hombres are all business. Blue, the elf? He'll kill your ass with a smile. His partner Rash? He'll beat you to death with a scowl. They're an interesting pair, but they're goddamn effective, and soon enough anybody who makes his bones in the illicit underground of Barstow fears their name - almost as much as Rose's. All it takes is a couple of examples being made, and suddenly people can't wait to hitch their wagon to Rose's train fast enough, once they hear that the smilin' knife-ear and Bonebreaker McTusky are coming for 'em.

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