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Tues April 24 2072

The Desert Rats are pressed on all sides. Ken's armor has out maneuvered them, out gunned them and out flanked them. Pulling back for a moment, the beleaguered and exhausted fighting force tries to figure out what to do. Major Jim Sykes shakes his head, eyes squinting. Conferring with Lucky, who knows the lay of the land better, they come up with no real options. They're boxed in.

"You know what rats do when trapped?" Asks Lucky. It's only a half heartbeat pause. "They fight like lions. Lets do this."

And do it they do. The Desert Rats stop trying to play games of flanking and posture - they stop trying to dance and they start a good old fashioned American Brawl. The Japanese, somewhat overconfident with their ability to wear down the Rats are shocked - stunned by a full frontal charge by a numerically inferior foe.

When the dust starts to blow off from the battlefield, the Desert Rats have lost more tanks, more men - but Ken Abe's feared armored Brigade has broken - leaving behind more than two thirds it's number as they retreat north along highway 5.

They will not be returning to Bakersfield.

OOC: Victory, Desert Rats.

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