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Tues April 24 2072

The Battle of Wheeler Ridge. It's a show down between armored forces that is being watched by every major power in North America and beyond. The single largest clash of tanks ever had in North America outside of Texas, it's a trial by fire for the Desert Rats and a critical battle to win for the Japanese.

On one side, you have the superior trained, superior equipped Desert Rats, but they have just completed a forced march of over a hundred miles and are charging directly in to combat.

On the other side, you have the numerically superior Japanese, using a smattering of Japanese tanks, but the majority of which are captured Cal-Guard tanks taken during the first invasion.

The battle seems to go in favor of the Japanese from the outset, with Major Ken Abe of the Zennyo Ryuo outflanking the Desert Rats. Losses mount on both sides, but with nearly equal commanders and numerical superiority, the Japanese clearly dominate. The forces break off, regrouping to return to battle in the next few minutes. Some 1/3rd the Desert Rat force lays smoking, while less than a quarter the Japanese have been destroyed.

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