2012 04 24 3

Tues April 24 2072

In Barstow, not everything is death and chaos and explosions. A troll is there entertaining some of the refugees, fancy magic tricks, which in a trolls hand, rather large objects manage to disappear. You also wouldn't believe the fact he made a small pipe disappear up his nose instead of a pencil. The finally is when the troll performs acrobatics, literally running up the side of a building before back-flipping and landing on the ground. Its not food, its not shelter, but for a short moment, its enough to raise the spirits of this ragtag group of refugees.

In the crowd though is someone who while smiling, is not quite thinking of the circus. Rose and Billie watch the trolls displays, and realizes that this talent could easily be put to use in other areas. The elf will soon have to have a chat with the troll about his earning potential.

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