2012 04 24 2

Tues April 24 2072

A unified Barstow would be a hell of a good thing for Cali, and at least one man has his sights set on just such a goal. The vice-peddler known as Rose, who recently made an impression amongst the criminal underclass, is starting in on a takeover. He's got the network for it, and he's a pretty convincing bastard, and it certainly helps that he's got some muscle behind him. That always makes people more willing to listen.

And listen they do, when the elf known as Billie starts making the rounds of the drug smugglers, making offers that they can't refuse, so to speak. She makes plenty of sense as to why they'd want to align themselves under Rose, and she gets what she wants, but more than a few can't help feeling like they're being taken advantage of, or getting in a little too deep. Besides…never trust an elf.

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