2012 04 24 10

OOC:Thus concludes the player emits for Flashpoint 4-21. Further developments in Bakersfield and Barstow will be emitted in the next few hours… then we open the sandbox for players to play in. Run plots, build up contacts and allies. I need a break from Flashpoint work for a week or so - so we will set a provisional flashpoint date of 4 weeks from Saturday, May 26th. This should be the final flashpoint for Southern California for a good. Long. Time.

The end result, when the Desert Rats limp into Bakersfield, rolling down highway 99, is that the encirclement of Bakersfield is broken, and the Armored Core of the Akuma, while still a force, is no longer the tiger of the San Joaquin Valley.

So that is where Bakersfield stands. Highway 99 is open, though it's a long and treacherous route. Power to the city is cut, and he city is still mostly encircled - but there is a way in and a way out. Both sides lick their wounds and trade shots across the Kern River - constantly skirmishing, but it appears the big drive and push died when Major Ken Abe's tank force - the real hammer of the 3rd - was crushed by the Desert Rats. With Meadowfields Regional Airport in the hands of the Japanese, the small municipal airport is now seeing a drastic uptick in air traffic. Wounded are being flown out while critical supplies are flown in.

The Rangers, having wreaked havoc in the back nine of the Japanese, have withdrawn back to a forward command in Glennville. The Desert Rats hold Wheeler Ridge, which is just for the moment, a massive fricking party.

The situation is not good. But it is, just for the moment.. stable.

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