2012 04 24

Tues April 24 2072

The Akuma came into Bakersfield with 14,000 men. Due to their superior medical support services - their casualties have been lighter than one might expect. Men who might have died are saved, and men who might have been removed from the fighting can move back to the front lines. The care for this goes to Noppera-Bo, Batallion 3. Unmolested while the war raged around them, they have been quietly patching up men left and right. But that does not mean the 3rd is without casualties. The air company was wiped out of the air in the first day - no match for the Thunderbolts of the Cal-Guard. The Aobozu have suffered 50 percent casualties, with 2,500 men down and unable to fight, while the Onryo have taken 20 percent casualties.

Meanwhile, The largest armor battle ever fought in North America appears to be shaping up between Zennyo Ryuo and the Desert Rats - three Battalions, all but one of the Akuma Armor, are now squaring off with the two battallions of the Desert Rats.

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