2012 04 23 9

Mon Apr 23 2072

Mafen, Tycho, Flint and Sage only: Undercover of darkness, the city blanketed in a blackout, they strike. Rappelling down from a nearly silent helicopter - a helicopter only you seemed to hear - be it from acoustic reverberation or your spidy sense. You can't pinpoint it, but it was there…

Moving with military precision - a crisp control and communication. Hand signals only, no radio communications, no lights, no nothing. They move through the Bakersfield armory. Silently, they take down the 4 members of Gill's personal guard - the Goldenboys - who guard the Canisters. All four are loaded into backpacks, then the men are wenched back aboard. It's less than a minute, in and out. Then the helicopter - and its whisper quiet rotors - is gone.

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