2012 04 23 5

Mon Apr 23 2072

But what of the California Rangers and their vaunted Grizzlies? Oh, they are powerful, and they are wreaking havok. But they are being pitted against the Home Guard, and those units, while impressive, are reluctant to open full bore against their own countrymen - though the feeling is mutual. They have turned south, to attack the Japanese flank.

And what of the Desert Rats? Their planes control the sky, it's true - but what of their land forces? Tanks roll into Wheeler Ridge, along the I-5 corridor, and the fighting there is fierce. The muzzle flash of tanks and the drop of bombs light the night sky to the south and west, the Desert Rats doing what they do best.

But neither of these forces are invulnerable. No one is. Losses do mount. People die. Symbols shatter. No people know that better than the Californians. They've been in the business of shattering for 70 years now. They are experts in watching everything they love tumble down around them.

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