2012 04 23 2

Mon Apr 23 2072

Trailing in on the convoy into Bakersfield, is Watson. The intrepid reporter came out with LooLoo in her little van, then shifted to the Grizzlies for a while. Armed only with a camera, a plated vest and a lack of terrible good sense, she transferred to Tinman's convoy just south of Cororan after the Grizzies blew the hell out of a pursuit team raised by the prison. What's she been doing the entire time? She's been making a documentary. It was too good a chance to pass up.

The Documentary is yet untitled, but with 59 hours of footage, including battle cams from drones and vehicles, landscape shots from the terrain she's traveled, with Interviews with Rangers, Runners and Refugees, it's going to be good. If she can get it on the air. NewsNet seems interested, but it's going to need polishing.

But it may just blow the lid off this whole goddamn state.

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