2012 04 23 10

Mon Apr 23 2072

"Mr. President. Here's the dossier you requested. California Free State."

Kyle Haeffner takes the datapad and touches the screen. Pressing his thumb to it, it reads his DNA and unlocks. 'Eyes only'.

It's census figures.

2040, State Population was 45,000,000 people. Before Los Angeles was kicked out. Population of estimated metahumans: 9,000,000.

2050, State population was 35,000,000, after Los Angeles. Estimated Population of Metahumans: 7,000,000.

2060, State population 38,000,000, Estimated population of metahumans: 7,500,000.

2070, State Population (CalFree+JPC), 30,274,000. Estimated Population of Metahumans: 2,300,000 (Anomaly: Population indexes indicate average mean of 6,054,800).

2072, CIA Estimation of Metahuman population: 242,200.

Kyle closes the datapad, then puts his face in his hands. "Why havn't I seen this before?" He asks, voice deceptively quiet.

"Sir?" asks Avery Brooks, director of the CIA. "You've never asked to see it."

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