Wed April 18 2012

Wed April 18 2072

Supplies are low and morale is lower in Bakersfield. Units which had just been shooting at each other find themselves facing the Japanese not more than a mile away with a sense of resignation. There are rumors up and down the line that elements of other units have deserted. So far, officially, there are no desertions. Officially.

"Captain." Says the communications officer aboard the Dauntless. "We have an incoming call from Bakersfield Actual - Colonel Jace Gill."

Ronald 'Hiraku Sulu' Johnson sips his tea as he watches the main screen. "Oh My. Put him on."

The forward viewscreen of the massive VTOL Aircraft fills with the sweaty, grimy face of Jace Gill. "Hey! Sulu! How's it going man!" Asks the younger Colonel. "Hey look. We're in a tight spot here. We could really… really use the Assault Division I know you've been working on out in China Lake. I don't mean to step on your cock, but those big trucks. Sure could use them out here!"

Sulu simply quirks one brow upwardly. "Is that a fact. I would love to help you, Colonel, but you already seem to have destroyed a quarter of the assault force - it's scouting and recon division."

"Now now, Sulu." Says Jace, shaking his head. "That wasn't me - you know that. I'm here, on on the ground and I need your damn support! California needs you!" He grimaces then, looking off camera. And then he leans in, whispering to the feed. "The -Federation- needs you."

Sulu's other brow raises. "Oh my."

Several hours later, Sulu contacts Jace again. The situation is simple. Without the Prospects, Assault Division would be flying blind. THe big trucks are useless in mountain passes like what would be required to get anywhere near Bakersfield.

"I read you, Sulu." Says Jace, his eyes narrowing as he looks at the map. "What.. What if I cleared here. Alta Sierra… Highway 155 down out of the mountains… and into Fujiwara's Back Door?"

"Oh." Says Sulu, looking at the map. "Back doors. Now you're sparking my interest. If you could clear that road… I could get Assault Division out to you. Probably 10 trucks. It's no military… but they love to raise hell."

"Alright. I'll see what my people can put together. Bakersfield Actual, out."

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