Wed April 11 2012

Wed April 11 2072

Meanwhile… in Bakersfield.

Longtips sits in a cafe with Brock Seavers. "Took you long enough to catch up to me." Says the fixer, over his chai latte.

"You move fast." Shrugs the big former Navy Seal. "Vacations over. Need to get you back to Denver."

"I have things I have to do."

"I don't much care about that."

"A million Nuyen says you do. I could either give you that nuyen, or I could pay it to the team I have on standby to extract me from my extractors. It's a choice you get to make."

In Brock's ears, he hears Davis' growl. "Sir, this is a setup. Got a sniper on the tower a half click east, perfect draw down. Drone in the air two clicks up. I smell magic around. Not sure where."

Brock smiles at Longtips. "Well. How about we give you a week… and then we talk again?"

"Sounds' lovely." Says Longtips, standing to leave. "I suggest you sit there, enjoy your coffee, and not move for a half hour or so."

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