Sat Mar 31 2012

Sat Mar 31 2072

… From the Ute Nation's Las Vegas Corporate Enclave. Despite the difficulties that nation faces, the Corporate Enclave is a hotbed of economic activity. Gambling and tourism are bedrocks, but rising high to match, nearly eclipse are Energy Technologies and R&D for a wide range of things. Las Vegas's corporate structure, overseen by the Paiute Tribal Corporation and in partnership with several AA level corporations is a shining beacon of what -can- be done even in the middle of nowhere.

More interestingly, since the activation of Gaiatronic's 'Mother-1' facility, the largest fission reactor in North America, shadowruns in Las Vegas have flown fast and furious. Corporations are rising over night, being bought out and snuffed in the next sunrise. The Corporate Council is keeping a lid on it, but things are heating up as people prepare for the upcoming Nellis Baja Challenge…

What is the Nellis Baja Challenge? Oh, so glad you asked. It's an annual race from Coyote Springs to Tonopah, Ute Nation. Racing through the old Nellis bombing range, past such landmarks as Trinity Crater or Groom Lake (Also called 'area 51') and through the main practice bombing range of the US Air Force, this event is a highlight of the year for racing enthusiasts, carnage enthusiasts and gamblers alike.

The vehicles are armed, armored and very few holds are barred. Rules are in place regarding caliber and ammunition as well as armor thickness, but beyond that, there's almost no rules.

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