Wed March 21 2012 - Chaos in Barstow (Flashpoint)

Wed March 21 2072 - Chaos in Barstow (Flashpoint)


Barstow is still sinking into chaos, overflowing with refugees, its resources overtaxed, and its tempers running high. The Rangers have pulled out, and it's only a matter of time before the Japanese turn their eyes south. Sorina says a word here, drops a significant look there, trying to build up a coup in support of the Protectorate. She manages to whip up a small uprising… more of an angry demonstration… but then the local toughs, unofficially deputized by the Rangers, bust heads and kneecaps. Sorina's good enough to talk them out of shooting her in the head and leaving her in a ditch, but not so good that they give her a serious beat-down, tie her behind a car, and drag her out of town. Barstow's down but not quite out.

Medaron, Billie, Blue Monday, Rash

Medaron's also trying his hand at the Barstow game, assembling an underworld empire for himself. He's got the contacts, and now he's got Billie doing the legwork for him, talking to the right people with the right amount of force even when there are some doubts. Bobo becomes a street performer, keeping morale up with inspired street magic, sleight of hand, and acrobatics, and draws attention from the would-be kingpin. And then the muscle moves in: Blue Monday and Rash are two sides of the same coin: smiling or frowning, they'll ruin your day if you don't toe the new line in Barstow. The gang's able to sit on top of Barstow's underbelly for a while, but California doesn't like metas. Knife-ears and trogs taking over don't sit right, and the gangs on their home turf start grumbling. Two cent samurai tire to earn their spurs by taking on the new toughs in town. Medaron, Blue, Billie, and Rash are kings of the hill for now, but for how long?


The last player out in the desert is Aladriel. The hermetic mage sets her sights on the Mojave, and what she learns is that the desert doesn't like hermetics. The Mojave is a place for spirits, for the land awakened, and the careful logic and applied force of hermetic magic represent the very opposite. Human shamans may be tolerated, but hermetic mages… in Mojave, they are not welcome.


Jace Gill gives his speech, and NewsNet listens. The VX that runners stole and turned over to Cali goes missing in the night, although the authorities try to keep it quiet. But that's all sideshow as the lines of battle are drawn at Wheeler Ridge. The Desert Rats, with Air supporting their command structure, bring in their helos, their Thunderbolts, and two battalions of tanks after a grueling forced march. Against them is Major Ken Abe and his Zennyo Ryu, three brigades strong. The numbers favor the Japanese, and they outflank the Desert Rats in the opening engagements. The Rats barely hold back the second offensive. And then… and then, the Rats give up their maneuvering, the careful use of resources, and just charge into the meat grinder. The Japanese are caught by surprise, and then the Desert Rats' superior equipment and training come into their own. They crash into the Japanese lines… and through them. The losses are huge, but the back of the Japanese force is broken. The Zennyo Ryu are no longer the most terrible power in the area.

When what's left of the Desert Rats pull back to Bakersfield, the encircling Japanese forces let them through. The California Free State still stands. Bakersfield is still encircled, and now the power grid is down. The two sides take potshots at each other across the Kern River. But with Major Abe and his tanks out of the game, Barstow can lick its wounds, regather its strength, fly in supplies and heave a sigh of relief. Oh, and party. The survivors have their lives to celebrate.

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