Mon Mar 19 2012

Mon Mar 19 2072

Mental note. Never frag with Steel. He stands, brushing off his hands atop a small pile of guards. He looks back to Sally, as if gesturing to the trucks, for her to take them. Sally's eyes go wide, as a final guard, unseen by Steel, pops up from behind the truck and starts sending fire down range at Steel. He however, this guard, did not count on Sandman, who simply stares at him.

And stares at him.

And stares at him.

Until the guard crumples.

"Did that with my mind, pretty cool, huh?" Asks Sandman, nodding to the trucks. "Lets get these back to Halferville… then get the hell out of here."

"Best plan I heard all day!" says Sally.

And so, with Sally on point in her Baby, Blindside in Scabbard surfing porn while driving, Steel in Leviathan and Flint sitting on top of Leviathan, the convoy returns to Halferville, drops off the cargo to the rightful owners… and hauls 9 metric tonnes of ass back to Denver. Job well done.

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