Sun Mar 18 2012

Sun Mar 18 2072

Meanwhile, back in California. Sally and baby, with Steel and Sandman riding with her, charge down the road. She opens up the throttle and the car eats up the road. Swerving in and out of other traffic like it was standing still, she shows elegance behind the wheel. In short order, she's not only caught up to, but over taken the trucks as they roll down the road. Cutting the wheel sharply while hitting the emergency break, she leaves a line of rubber across the road, smoke pouring out from her wheel wells. The trick has the desired effect, bringing the trucks to a halt as Sandman and Steel pour out to take care of business.

Steel is an ork, not that you could tell for his featureless face of plastisteel and sensors. Unsubtle, one might say, is Steel. One of the drivers approaches, a tire-iron held high. Sidestepping, Steel blocks the iron and belly-punches the man, sending him down like a sack of potatoes. "The trucks are ours." Says he, his voice digitally enhanced.

The 'guards' on the rig disagree, running at Steel. Rolling his neck from one side to the other, Steel just exhales. "This works."

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