Wed Mar 14 2012 - Battle of Delano

Wed Mar 14 2072 - Battle of Delano

At China Lake, Air engages in training and upgrading the tactics of a new unit of Rangers, the Prospects Motorcycle Gang. These gangers are ex military, so Air is able to whip them into fighting shape in no time, and the Rangers look forward to being able to project a hell of a lot more force with its motorcycle division.

The 3rd Imperial Division Japanese forces, the Akuma Division, are nearing Delano from the North, heavily armored and trained with the finest in equipment. Approaching with them are three attack helicopters, and a long line of APCs. Blindside intercepts this convoy, and engages in a fast moving hit-and-run harassment. He delays them slightly and is able to relay the location and strength to Ranger HQ before he is clipped and crashes.

Sorina traveled the backwaters and towns of Japanese Occupied California, preaching a message of stability and raised a small army of militia members to fight for the Japanese. Calavera swept with a mercenary unit forward along Bakersfield's flank, to hit the town of Maracopa. Here, they slaughtered the home town militia in the name of the Japanese, allowing them to threaten Bakersfield on all sides and seal Highway Five. Fray, Nikolai and Ford engaged in some back-town action as well, as Team Zeta inflicted heavy casualties on sympathizers and Jap-lovers.

At Delano, a small town of some 1,000 residents at the Cal-99 and Cal-155 intersection the 340th Forward Support Battalion of the California guard are reinforced by the Prospects, a motorcycle gang trained by the California Rangers. Leading the Prospects is Laz, who came in with Air and on their way north to Delano, they come across accompanying the forces are Flint and Crow. Also working in the Delano Area are Anita and Brock, but on a non-military mission.

The main battle of Delano begins with the Akuma division sending in artillery strikes on Veterans overpass. Shells landing all around the bridge but failing to hit it, as the Japanese clearly wanted the overpass intact. Anita pulls her mustang up the street as she drifts a curve and pulls in front of a house. Hired to evacuate someone from Delano she has with Brock in the sportscar. The nearby combat at Veterns pass has artillery fire landing nearby the house as the Troll leaps out of the car and walks up to the hosue for the extraction.

Just as the man they have come for steps out of the house, the house explodes. It sends Brock flying into the mustang; embedding him into the metal. Anita races him to medical help nearby and they keep the big fella from dying… but healing is going to be slow and painful for the magical healers couldn't work well around his cyber.

Sneaking on backroads around the main Japanese force; Flint gets into a firing position with a pair of man-portable rockets. He hits an ammunition loader, setting off a chain reaction from the armored artillery transport unit and the bombardment ceases with the destruction of the unit.

The Akuma division though advances with troops after its artillery in neutralized. The Japanese forces press hard and the Cal-Guard can not stand against the might of the Imperial Military. the Prospects on their motorcycles arrive to aid in the battle. Atop the back of a motorcycle, Laz rallies the troops and gives them motivation to fight back and hold their ground.

The Prospects form and charge into the Japanese forces, commanded by Laz in a display of complete military ineptitude. The Prospects are gunned down in the charge, laid down under the mighty fist of the Imperial military. The motorcycle gang and most potent fighting force in Delano, is shredded to only a few straggling survivors and a hush falls over the Cal-Guard.

Laz and the commander of the Akumu Division face off with swords, meeting on the field of honor face to face. This duel distracts the combat enough for Sorina's militia to arrive and flank into the Cal-Free line. Laz severs the hand of the Japanese commander, but the Japanese military unleashes on Laz and sends him to the ground in a pile of blood and gore before the Japanese commander takes his sword.

The 340th is collapsing… the Lt. Rickard Mazon, commanding officer of the 340this brought down by a sniper and Crow steps up at just the right time to turn the slaughter of the Cal-Guard into a strategic retreat with minimal casualties. They regroup in Bakersfield as night falls.

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