Mon Mar 12 2012

Mon Mar 12 2072

Meanwhile… In Reno, Ute Nation, the team of Blindside, Gunz, Steel Sandman and Sally are mounting up. The bigrig called Scabbard has Gladius, the souped up mustang that Blindside drives along with Cerberus, it's angry pissed off and armored cousin, inside and secured. Sally drives her own mustang. In Leviathan, the heavy industrial transport, Sandman is hanging out while Steel rides shotgun in Scabbard. It's several tons of high speed rolling thunder… and they escort a convoy of ten other big rigs. This? This is going to be an epic run.

The rigs roll out - Scabbard in the center of the pack with it's sensors pinging passively, while Leviathan takes the front. Coming down old Interstate 80, headed for Truckee and Auburn, the convoy encounters no resistance from Cal Free forces. Normally they could ride 80 all the way into halferville, but this is not a normal time. Traffic in and around Sacramento is snarled by the devastation in Davis. Several viaducts are washed out or covered in debris and structurally unsound, so the traffic is being shunted to highway 99. The only choice Blindside and his convoy have is to divert to 99, then catch four across the delta.. a veritable tour of backwoods California. Yes, Virgina, California has rednecks, hicks and shotguns.

Sally takes point in Baby, running ahead of the convoy by about 5 miles, blowing speed limits and drawing attention to herself. A tried and true technique, it's been made popular in a hundred trids and flatvids from 'Smoky and the Bandit' to 'Runner and Crash'.

Roaring ahead down the road, Sally has Gunz in the passenger seat when she spots a low moving Ishani-3 scout helicopter. Used by the Japanese Marines as a scouting platform, the Ishani-3 has a good sensor and electronics suite, making it an ideal smuggler stopper.

Calling back across the comm, Janie relays the info back to Scabbard. "Scout chopper, 290 by 5, heading right for us!" She calls out, marking the chopper as due west.

Leviathan, the massive industrial mover with the heavy (concealed) armor and advanced sensor suite powers up its electro-magnetic counter measures grid, filling the air with static for those who don't make friends with the convoy. However, the EMC is not powerful enough, and it's clear the convoy's been made.

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