Tues Mar 6 2012

Tues Mar 6 2072

Dangerous Dan was a bad man. He spent a lot of time in the Warrens proving himself and throwing his weight around. A magician by trade, Dangerous Dan was a combat mage who liked to wander the Warrens and see if he could 'clean it up', using magic and grenades to enforce his will on lesser gangs, deftly avoiding anyone who might be a challenge. Dangerous Dan and his team of runners were 'good guys', in that they took jobs to do 'good things', like killing anyone they were told was bad. Dangerous Dan and his team were feared in the Warrens and elsewhere in the city.

Today, Dangerous Dan and his team were killed in the middle of East Smokey Hill Road while casually gunning down gangers. Actually, killed is too kind a word for it. They were executed like dogs in the middle of the road, their brains blown all over the street. Within minutes, everything they owned was taken from their rapidly cooling bodies. Many were ghouled by residents of the Warrens, even the sweet little old lady that they had 'protected' with their actions. The rats and bugs and street vendors got what was left.

Deadeye scouts out the city from atop his perch, content that he has a bird's eye view of the street below. A master shot, the man the drug lords fear is nevertheless on the top of a number of "Most Wanted" lists for his acts of terrorism. A 'shadowrunner', he spends his time playing hero. A mobster is the same as a politician, he has been heard to say, and taking either out makes things better for everyone.

The runner Deadeye will be found dead in the CAS Sector in a sniper nest just down from where the chief assistant to Councilwoman Kalheim lives. Much like Dangerous Dan and his group, Deadeye was executed, with just enough of his face left that any of his three living friends could identify. Sorry, two living friends, as Mark "The Armorer" Matthews will be found dead an hour later.

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