Mon Mar 5 2012

Mon Mar 5 2072

Meanwhile, near Modesto… Lt. Jace Gill watched through a pair of high powered binoculars as the VTOL troop transports swung in low over the Tuolemne River. Japanese markings, though recently painted on over the Aztechnology insignia that had been present before. "Right on time." He remarked to himself, though overheard by his XO.

Saito AirField, previously known as Harry Sham Field, served as the communications nexus for the Modesto Garrison and these transports were flying with low alertness. They were deep inside the Japanese Protectorate of California, far from any hostile areas, so they were complacent. Something that Jace intended to use.

Jace was not his father, the Governor. Theodore Gill tried to fight this war conventionally, with troops and tanks, diplomacy and treaty. An old fashioned, honorable man who forbade the use of terrorist or even insurgent tactics. "Light em' up." Said Jace to his XO. The order was relayed, and within seconds, the contrails of several surface to air missiles raced upward into the night.

The first one struck the lead VTOL in the port side engine pod. The pod exploded into brilliant colors, fire engulfing it and sending the craft veering into the ground, where it burst into flame. Two other military craft suffered similar fates, swarmed by the shoulder mounted missiles. Left alone in the sky, the Renraku Civilian aircraft, with 24 executives and middle managers from a variety of Japanese companies hovered as if unsure what to do.

"Take it down." Ordered Jace.

"Sir?" Questioned the XO. As a civilian craft, it was beyond the mandate of their mission.

"Damn thing looks armed to me, Bill." Opined Jace.

Turning his eyes to the unarmed civilian aircraft, Bill O'Conners narrowed his eyes. "Suppose it does sir."

Jace Gill is not his father.

"Sir, here's the report from the attack in Modesto." offered an aide as he handed the Governor the datapad. "Casualties were very light - one man took a grazing wound as they exifiltrated along the Tuolemne River."

"I see." Says Governor Gill, eyeing the report. "What's this here? Four craft down, but only three military aircraft on the flight." He pauses, to put on his glasses and read closer. "Get my son up here. Put him on the first available goddamn aircraft. I want him here! NOW! I specifically forbade civilian targets!"

Stepping into the Bears Lair's command center, Lt. Jace Gill snapped to attention in front of Governor Theodore Gill. The older Gill eyed his son for a long moment, saying nothing. There was a certain tension in the command center as the Gill's face off.

"What the hell were you thinking, downing that civilian air craft?" Asks Theodore, the Governor. "There were corporate executives on that craft. Corporations we've been busting a hump with trying to convince them we are the better choice!"

"Permission to speak freely, /SIR/." COmes Jace's clipped, military reply.


"Sir, I was thinking that I don't give one shiny fragging farthing about the Japanese Corporations or their precious executives. They're the ones supplying Saito's forces, that makes them the fragging enemy, and I'm going to frag them."

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