Wed Feb 29 2012

Wed Feb 29 2072

So Stitch heads on down to Tir Llwen to help out the dandelion eaters. Medkit in hand, a spell under her breath, the stunter waddles in. She's not much of a talker (Etti@7, 0 successes) so while she's tolerated, she's not given a protection detail. She's on her own. But she bravely shoulders onward, enduring the usual sniper potshots with some difficulty. (Athletics@6, 1 success)

She works as fast as she can, but runs out of supplies pretty quickly, given the scope of the trauma being treated. Antiseptic runs out, followed by bandages, and soon she's just washing cuts with dirty water - which is better than nothing but bound to be infected. (Biotech@6, 1 success). It's a stroke of luck that she ducked when she did, to treat a slender woman - as a rocket propelled grenade detonates just to the left of her. Though the concussive wave is stopped by the half brick wall between her and the grenade, she suffers a serious wound when a brick turns into masonry shrapnel, cutting her forehead, chest and right arm with shards of razor sharp, subsonic rock. (Body@4, 1 success)

Sucks to be a healer in the warrens sometimes.

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