Wed Feb 29 2012

Wed Feb 29 2072

Meanwhile, in the Las Vegas Corporate Enclave, the Paiute Corporate Tribal Council and Gaiatronics have announced that the Mother One Project has been a joint venture between the two organizations. The most powerful tribal coalition in the South west Ute Nation, the PCTC is second only to the Ute Tribal Council of Provo for tribal power in the Ute Nation itself.

Long enriched by their control of the logistical support of the LVCE and working in partnership with the corporate board there, the Paiute have been long uneasy with the 'reforms' of Great Chief Michael Iron Eyes and Jacob Two Skins, head of the Ministry of Self Determination. With High Justice Raymond Sykes taking refuge in Las Vegas and organizing active resistance to the Ministry, the Paiute are pushed closer to declaring independence by the attack on the Hoover Dam Relay Complex.

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