Thur Feb 23 2012

Thur Feb 23 2072

Things are getting more and more complicated in the Ute Nation as more calls come for Huhuseca's removal as Councilman-Governor of the Sector. The Ministry of Self-Determination contines to take a larger and larger hand in the day to day operations of the Nation, including helping craft newer, more stringent VISA laws for Anglos and even other tribes. Some say there are calls to remove some tribal metahumans as well.

Security is noticeably tighter around the Council Chambers and especially near Councilwoman Kalheim's residence after reports of unidentified individuals near both areas. By itself neither of those are particularly notable events. However, anonymous sources state that the Kalheim resident received a human finger in a parcel, which raised a great number of problems and excited Lone Star.

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