Sun Feb 19 2012

Sun Feb 19 2072

Mardi Gras is in less than two days, and not just New Orleans is preparing. Decorations and parades are planned all weekend in the CAS Sector, with a number of festivals planned on Tejon Street. Security is heightened this year after threats were made regarding Betty Kalheim, the CAS Councilwoman who will be on one of the main floats this year. Expect Lone Star presence to be omnipresent in the Sector for the next few days.

The city is fairly quiet, unnaturally quiet, in fact. The sort of quiet that makes one wonder when the other shoe is going to drop, when the next catastrophe will strike. The Warrens are still a hellhole, and while some have concerts and scrap the the streets, others starve and freeze on a daily basis. A general sense of disquiet permiates the city as those afraid of magic, those tired of magicians causing trouble for the city, those who want a quieter life, they are talking. And it isn't a good talk.

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