Thur Feb 16 2012

Thur Feb 16 2072

Things continue to look bleak for Denver as more and more people report flu-like symptoms. Moreover, those already infected seem to be getting worse, and while no one has died directly from the Kissing Disease, it is clear that it is only a matter of time. Those most affected seem to be the Awakened, who are starting to report loss of ability, hallucinations, and upper respiratory problems. Some doctors have even said that they do not expect those most affected to survive another 72 hours without treatment.

It's a busy day in the Mile High City. People are wretchedly sick, of course, but there is movement in the shadwows as well. Trixmail and calls in and out of the Draco Foundation are coming hot and heavy today, and word on the street is that there are a lot of people looking for dragon's scales and leavings. What that means for the illness is still up for grabs, but talk is that the Draco has at least four prospective 'cures' coming in to talk to them.

A ray of hope has struck the city, centered in a church here, a cloud there. A gentle rain has started falling on the Mile High City, something that is rare enough to draw attention in this area (rain isn't common here). All across the city there are reports of people feeling remarkably better after going to a local church, after feeling better just listening to the rain fall. Fevers are breaking across the city and the afflicted are feeling already a hundred percent better. A sense of peace, of completion marks this night and it is almost certain that there are many that will face the new dawn with a better appreciation for life .. and kissing.

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