Sun Feb 12 2012

Sun Feb 12 2072

Several portions of the Ute Nation are under siege by nature. While the mana storms have broken up across the world, they are still quite prevalent in the Nation. Las Vegas was cut off from the rest of the world by horrific storms with orange/blue flashes of lightning and unsubstantiated rumors of some sort of wolf-like creatures roaming the desert outside the city. A bastion against the storm, Salt Lake City remains untouched. Finally, rumors of orichalcum and strange gold-like jewels have been found in the wake of the storm have brought in treasure hunters and adventurers.

The number of clinic visits throughout the city seems to be rising over the last few days. Many women, but a growing number of men, have been reporting cases of nausea, flu-like symptoms, and a general sense of 'not feeling well'. Many doctors in the Shadows are reporting that a larger than average number of their patients are magicians or magical in nature. At least one male is rumoured to be exhibiting all the hallmarks of being pregnant as well.

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