Tue Jan 31 2072

Tue Jan 31 2072

The cold waters of Cherry Creek Lake are uninviting on a normal day. Oh, many swim and boat on the
lake, but there is always a sense of foreboding about it, a sense that something lurks beneath the
water and is not friendly to metahumans at all. Raven, however, following clues left on the
electronic wonderland known as the Matrix, shows no fear in investigating the rumors. She dives
beneath the waters, her astral form slicing through the disturbance from the storm. A sudden shock,
however, greets her as she makes her way deeper in the cold waters, a secret that sends her hurtling
back to her own body in shock and awe.

Perhaps it was Raven's astral touch on the lake, or maybe some internal clock struck the right
combination. Whatever the cause, the lake at Cherry Creek Park has begun to glow with the color of
moonlight, a ghostly color that casts the area in a spectral light. Magicians within a kilometer of
the park can feel mana shifting around in a chaotic manner, seeming to fight the storm's influence ..
or perhaps working in concert to make matters worse.

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