Tue Jan 31 2012

Tue Jan 31 2072

At approximately 0930 MST, stores reported, homes reported, restaurants reported that every egg in
their kitchens/pantries/stockrooms spontaniously exploded at the same time. While the mess was
limited to the dairy section in most cases, more troubling would be the number of women in the city
admitted to hospitals and clinics with ruptured ovaries. A disproportionate number of those admitted
were humans, followed closely by elvish females. Hospital administrators claim that it is simply a
stress reaction to the storm effects and that there is nothing to be alarmed about.

It's a generally awkward time for the magically active. Hard to cast spells, hard to know what's
going to change when. Let it not be said that mankind is not adaptable - that it cannot overcome and
persevere. Thaumaturgical Darwinism in action, perhaps? Who knows. But for the next 70 minutes,
Janie Blair finds herself at the center of an eddy of magical energies. Her, and those around her,
for the next 70 minutes, may utilize magic as though they were only in an area with a background
rating of 1. This power may be used anytime in the next 12 hours. (1:30AM CST)

The Wedding of Tisha Mayer and Jonothan Rodgers was to be a happy one. The dwarven couple and their
families fought to have the wedding even though the mana storm and prejudice against their kind made
it difficult. Their happy night will be forever marred, however, by the manastorm. One moment the
couple is saying their vows, and in the next instant they are a pair of giants, towering over family
and friends from a height of nearly ten feet.

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