Mon Jan 30 2012

Mon Jan 30 2072

Chicago. It has been a city ravaged by horror. From nuclear blasts to bug spirits, to abandonment and carnage. It is a city who's soul has been ripped out, chewed on and spat back out. Chicago was once the heart of the midwest, and all roads once led to the windy city. But she has been so silent since the tower fell, since the walls went up, since the nation turned it's back on that younger sister of New York.

The Manastorm sent people fleeing from the city and the UCAS Military to high alert. Many worried the mana would re-awaken dormant hives over and under the city. Hives long torpid since FAB ate the astral. But FAB is gone… and the bugs have not awoken. What has happened though, is nothing short of astonishing.

It's 2020. Sears Tower stands. The watertower is a beacon. The loop is alive and buzzing. The El still runs. Constructed from mana and memory, the Windy City stands on the shores of Lake Michigan in all her glory. People hustle and bustle about their daily lives as though terrorists never destroyed down town. As though a nuke never went off. As though they were never forgotten and cast aside for 10 long, nightmarish years. The long dead return to fill their roles in this glimmering shard of the past. This plays hell on the telecoms as old protocols try to synch to new protocols… and then the entire switchboard crashes as everyone tries to call their families.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport shits a collective brick as the first 797 from Ohare lands on spectral wheels.

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