Sat Jan 28 2012

Sat Jan 28 2072

In the Pueblo Sector, things are a little crazy. At the Ostara Shamanic Park, there are lots of angry indians. Not living indians, mind you, but about 200 spectral indians on horseback as they circle around the park, calling out war cries. Within the park, 30 spectral cavalry from the US Army are hunkered in the boulders. It's not a happy time. Moderately famous Shaman-with-a-book-to-sell Michael MountainTiger was quick to issue a matrix press release denouncing the PCC for allowing Ostara Park in the first place.

Citizens may remember that Blackbird Park in the CAS sector was renamed from 'City Park' to 'Blackbird Park' after Robert Blackbird's Song, a Pueblo Shaman, fought off an uncontrolled elemental as it attacked a school bus in 2034. A reciprocal show of respect was made by the Pueblo when they dedicated Ostara Park in 2040.

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