Sat Jan 28 2012

Sat Jan 28 2072

Fox Hollow.

Serene and calm, the chanting of latin spreading outward. Orderly, even in chaos. As Orktown descends into chaos, Fox Hollow stands strong. Every minute - on the nose - the bell of the Mission Chapel chimes, ringing out in the darkness. It's a reassuring sound that carries across the entire district. A single heartbeat.

At the line of Fog, Alduin finds himself staring into the darkness, casually standing with his hands in his pockets. It's no great story that some chick went in. It's a crazy time. But he sees her come out. The pale features, drawn and gaunt. The blood pouring from eyes, lips and nose that stains her white features black in teardrop lines. The look of utter despair that washes over her as tendrils of fog whip around her, dragging her back in.

Alduin is last seen by the monks on the line, sword drawn, charging resolutely into the fog after Slitch.

Neither runner is ever seen again.

In the Sunrise District, several members of Los Reys Diablos were confused and horrified to see a bright orange, 100 year old car come roaring down the road, to jump over their roadblock. Word is, the two men in the car shouted out some kind of war cry as the car hung in the air.

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