Sat Jan 28 2012

Sat Jan 28 2072

A Wal-Mart on I-25 (Sioux Sector) burns with a merry lavender flame as gargoyles dance in the air above it. Towards the city center, the drone net is all but burned out by repeated strikes of electricity and sub-zero temperatures as steel becomes as brittle as glass. Throughout the city there are reports of creatures not seen in this part of the world, far too large to have come down the city streets unnoticed. A feeling of dread has engulfed the PCC as the darkness seems ever closer, sucking the breath and the very life out of those on the street. Cars lay abandoned in the UCAS Sector as a freak blizzard event closes down traffic for miles. Even now, those who run the shadows try to make a nuyen, with break ins taxing the various security forces ability to maintain peace and save lives.

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