Fri Jan 27 2012

Fri Jan 27 2072

A wave of toxic sludge threatens downtown Colorado Springs (CAS Sector). The green mass is slowly eating its way down Tejon as Lone Star attempts to put up barricades to control the mass. Their efforts are stymied by strong winds, blowing snow, and what some reports claim are the Living Dead attempting to cross over into the PCC sector.

A spike of pure white energy erupts out of the middle of Cherry Creek Lake, burning a hole through the clouds and into the sky. Once it touches the clouds it shatters into hundreds of spears of lightning, spiraling out to touch down across the CAS Sector, The Warrens, and further out. Drones and vehicles near the park shut down as if hit by an EMP, while many of those that were close to the park are struck blind, their eyes burned out of their sockets.

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