Fri Jan 27 2012

Fri Jan 27 2072

In the UCAS downtown sector, lightening strikes the Mooreland building. This is not an uncommon occurrence. What is uncommon is for the bolt to not wink out of existence a moment later. This bolt, all 1.21 gigawatts of it, holds steady for a second - a second second - a third second. By the fourth, the conductive rod melts, superheated by the storm. Windows in the top level shatter as a long, rippling peel of thunder from the lightening strike continues into it's 10th second, vibrations grown too strong. Free of the lightening rod, the tendril of energy snakes its way across the rooftop of the Mooreland building. Mr. Moorelands helicopter explodes, sending shards of chopper in all directions.

THe building's electrical system flickers once - then twice…

And then the Mooreland building is in darkness.

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