Wed Jan 25 2012

Wed Jan 25 2072

Roughly a week after the disturbance in the Antarctic, scholars worldwide are sure of one thing: the disturbance, while isolated in the furthest region of the world, would have effects throughout the globe. Like a large rock thrown into a pond, it could not help but cause ripples across the manasphere. Even now, noted thaumaturgists warn of mana storms and other, perhaps even more devastating effects, in the coming days. They anticipate such could reach North America as early as this Friday. Closer to the event, magicians have reported surges and flows in the way magic works, magical storms of monstrous ferocity, and even the loss of ability.

A mana storm stretching some fifty miles across manifested in Buenos Aires for six hours today. Residents were struck with all manner of magical effects, including an entire city block turned to stone. Those in nearby Amazonia claimed they could see the storm discolor the horizon, trailing red and purple fire in the sky. Weather conditions in the region are considered extremely hazardous and all flights in and out of BA have been canceled.

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