Mon Dec 5 2011

Mon Dec 5 2071

The SDF(Sioux Defense Force) has taken over the investigation of the grave robbing of Sitting Bull. What is known in the shadows is that the best of the best are being put on this case - Deckers, Shaman and their absolute hardest, meanest, most eat-their-own-childrens-entrails-to-win Wildcats are all on standby to bring down the tomahawk of GODS OWN WRATH upon someone. Anyone. Reports of anti-anglo 'reprisal' violence is filtering in from all across the Sioux Nation, as outrage (and opportunism) spread. At this time, the SDF has no leads they are publicly discussing, but what is noticeable in pundit circles is the lack of immediate blame falling on the United Canadian and American States. This is seen by many as an attempt to mitigate the anti-anglo hysteria and also seems to indicate a more internal source of this blasphemous act.

What are these?

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