Fri Dec 23 2011

Fri Dec 23 2071

Horror strikes Littleton, CAS sector. A standard armored delivery of certified credsticks by Brinks Private Security, traveling from Front Range Downs horse racing track to the a secured location was attacked and robbed. Dead in the attack are Juan Diego Ruiz, 34, Marc Sumpter, 28, Julia Witmore, 29 and William O'Riley, 54. The attack occurred in broad day light at a busy intersection. Though Lone Star Police response was fast, the attacker was able to elude them. Witnesses indicate that the attacker was a single man, wearing a long billowing cloak. He used obvious magic, with red lightening seeming to be a constant theme to his effects. CAS citizens, long used to carrying firearms, indicated that the attacker shrugged off their pistol shots as thought they did not register. When he departed with nearly 35,000,000 nuyen in registered credsticks, he did so by means of high speed levitation.

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