Mon Nov 28 2071

Mon Nov 28 2071

Every once in a while something happens that makes you go 'huh'. Something like that happened at the Cybered Arms tonight, down in the Rez. So no drek, there we were, as two Ghouls walked right into the 'Arms. But they was all disguised, right? After they proceeded to ask for blood the magic must of worn off revealing the three ghouls in their true ugly form. Maybe this was some kind of Ghoul Fraternity Hazing Prank or something. I dunno chummer. First time in years I've seen Keegan in action, and she was smooth as she was 30 years ago. Quick as you please, she drew her shotgun and BAM BAM… two dead cannibals. Ghoul blood was everywhere, a milky white eye dripped slowly off the big cybered skull on the wall overhead, but Keegan? Drek man… Keegan just put out a bowl of fresh pretzels like nothing happened.

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