Mon Nov 21 2011

Mon Nov 21 2071

Looking out over Downtown Denver from the office balcony on the 84th floor of the Kaiser Building, Aspanu Innocenti looks to the south. His hands clasped behind his back, he seems the very picture of collected calm. "Sergi." Says he, his features distant. "We have an understanding, do we not?" He asks as a functionary steps forward to offer both men a cigar from a fine cedar box. Picking one up, Aspani clips the end with an elegant blade.

The larger russian picks a cigar, which Aspanu clips for him. "Da, moy priyatyel. We have… good understanding. It is very good."

"What…" Asks Aspsanu, striking a wooden match to light his cigar, puffing around it to bring the head to full glow. "What would you say your braat in the warrens have been doing? Would you…" He pauses again, to light Sergi's cigar. "… characterize it is very friendly?"

"Nyet." Says Sergi, puffing his own to light. "Will be handled. Da. How is your daughter? She is entering college now?"

"Ahh yes. Angelica. She's going into Law, like me, at Harvard. A father could not be prouder."

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