Tue Nov 15 2011

Tue Nov 15 2071

In Ork Town, Metal Dave examines the situation. His boy Sherm is dead, shotgun blast to the back of his head. Now, his boys in the Regulators say it happened when the Blackboot Skins attacked, but theres the niggling issue of a blow to the back when attacked. This matter is seemingly resolved when the Regulators bring the mutilated, but still alive form of Jimmy Ninewords to Metal Dave. Seems Jimmy Ninewords cut himself a deal with certain elements in Tir Llewn to get himself out of the 'rens.

So now Metal Dave's fortified compound has a new door knocker. Just punch Jimmy in the nuts when you want in. He'll scream loud enough, even if he has iron spikes through his shoulders holding him to that wall.

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