Tue Nov 15 2011

Tue Nov 15 2071

UCAS Marine Corps weapons experts based out of Quantico, North Virginia are reporting that based on footage and blast evidence from the scene of the destruction of the CAS's captured 'Jaguatal' JSF, that the blast is not consistent with a self destruct detonation. Instead, they claim the blast originated underneath the aircraft, likely in the trailer of the truck carrying the JSF. Secondary detonation of the JFS's self destruct was then observed but the initial explosion… was external in nature.

Here in Denver… things in the back alleys and board rooms are heating up. Spinrad industries is opening a new Development Studio in Arapaho, in WarpDrive Matrix's own backyard. Word on the street is that some middlemen known to Spinrad in Europe have taken up residence in the CAS sector, perhaps setting up a bit of shadow-networking.

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