Current Year

Sat May 14 15:02:27 2022

Djotto Serri, Reno, Governmental seat, May 14 2082

Kika Elo looked up from the documents she just read, "Hmmm… I cannot believe this, Major.", she said to Major Hawkhand, the responsible investigator from last week's Incident in the little Djotto town of Austin. A barely known namesake of the much larger city in the CAS, close to Mount Prometheus in the Djotto territory. "I simply said, see no reason why the Tir should have been responsible for this. Least of all official Paladins. I see this as a divertive action from a third party and I want you to find the real culprit soon.", she says as both her face and her voice hardens. The ork opposite to her, shivers a bit. The president is not known for her patience with men who are not doing their duty in her opinion. "But madam!", the ork replies. "All our gathered intel does point at the Tir!", he still dares to reply. "Yes…", the president replies. "With a neon sign. Nothing in this line of work is /ever/ this obvious!", she calls out at the man. Her anger is obvious. "Keep this out of the public! If I even just smell of any of this having leaked out, then heads will roll." The Major replies, "Yes, sir!", then turns around and leaves the place. The presidents body language made it more than obvious that this meeting was over.

Kika Elo gnashed her teeth as the Major was outside. She refrained from an angry cry or smashing her fist onto the table. The first was not encouraging for her team outside, the latter had cost her far too many tables already. "Damn!", she muttered, "Getting the distrust of the elves out of the heads of these people is harder than killing a juggernaut!", she muttered. Then she connected herself to the governmental grid. She needed answers and it was all too obvious that her secret service was all too willing to believe the lies fed to them. It was time to activate old contacts.

Sun May 8 09:05:12 2022

Djotto Serri, City of Austin, Cozy Mountain Hotel, Sunday May 8 2082

The night had been quiet Roger Baiburn, Janitor at the Cozy Mountain Hotel was fixing up the front lights. One of the huge neon-signs (well, not really neon lamps these days, but the term got stuck) had a couple of areas to be replaced with new GlowTech (tm) lights, to make sure the front gave away its usual inviting and well cared for appearance. 'Impressions are important…', is what comes through his mind, then he notes the dark shape filtering away from the building. He looks curious, then shakes his head, "Probably a cat.", he mutters and continues with his repairs. A few minutes later the building is shaken by a huge detonation. Roger blinks as he finds himself flying through the air. Luck is with him this day, he lands on the lower roof of the jewellers store opposite to the hotel. Looking accross the street from his unexpected new perch, merely bruised, the ork eyes the remains of his former work place dumbstruck. Fire and Smoke are all he can see. Soon after firefighters and security forces appear on the site of the explosion. It takes a while before Roger can get their attention and is saved from his unusual spot. The lone survivor from the hotel.

Sat Apr 23 15:45:57 2022

CRA-KOOOOOM! In answer to this week's earlier morning, the gathering weather energies from the mountains suddenly clash in massive explosion of thunder. Winds all around the city start picking up from breezes to gales, sometimes hurricane force. Power plines snap, the carts in grocery star corrals roll back and forth, crashing into each other and cars. Birds take off in sudden fear, and a full-blown series of manastorms erupt across the city of Denver!

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