Archived Global Emits 2020

Sat Oct 3 14:47:21 2020

Denver, Council Announcement, Saturday October 3 2080

The Denver Council announces a new decree taking effect immediately allowing all citizens of the Domain of Denver to use the newly created fast passage lanes of the internal borderstation between the remaining Denver Sectors. No borderchecks will happen for them other than automated SIN checks. First test runs have proven that this drastically reduces border waiting time for Denver Citizens. This is part of the newly incited program for reducing traffic impendiments within the Domain, instantiated by the Lord Dragon Ghostwalker.

Mon Sep 28 12:05:30 2020

CAS Sector, The Fallen Angel, Monday September 28 2080

Denver Security Force CAS Sector

Incident report

During the noon hours of Sunday September 27 2080 an emergency call arrived from the Fallen Angel Bar in Northern UCAS Sector. Officers arriving on sight got witness of a huge heap of toxic waste lying restless on the floor of the bar. The active magical officer with them analyzed the damage taken and got two primary pieces of information from the heap of garbage. One was a well-known magical signature of a known criminal elf, whose signature has been found on other crime scenes in the past. The other clear information was that this was a toxic elf. The conclusion taken is, that said known elf criminal, one of those supposed shadowrunners, has finally gone toxic. As said criminal elf is known to be a shamanic magic user, these facts seem to be conclusive. Patrols are handed out phantom photos of this known magic user.

Obviously, there was other people involved as well. Reports speak of at least another magic user and what seemed to be highly equipped goons. The relationship between the known criminal and these other individuals seem to be unclear. Several witnesses have agreed on two elves, including the suspect, and a dwarf leaving together with the other group. Purpose unknown.

Mon Sep 28 01:46:23 2020

Pueblo Sector, Flatirons, former Ute Nation

Something odd is happening in the Flatirons. A legend is forming among the Ute still living in these lands. The legend of a Shaman who fought for his people when the nation went down. A Shaman who fought to save people when other were struggling for power and money. A man who walked the path of his people and went out into the wastelands to climb onto this pinnacle in the time his people's needs. He danced according to his peoples customs and called down the help of the spirits. He danced until the toll of bending the will of the spirits was too much of a toll on him and he collapsed. The Great Thunderbird himself watched over the Shaman until he woke again after this honorable battle. This man, this Shaman, gains the gratitude of his peoples gods. The gods honor him by sending a vision of his dance to their people. The people in turn pilgrim to that pinnacle, this cliff to pray to their gods. At first, only a few gifts for the gods are left in some cracks of the large rock. Soon colors are applied to the rock as well. Holy shapes are drawn onto the rock. First with chalk, then with more lasting colors. The formerly nameless pinnacle gains a name. Many names in fact, but the one that sticks most in public is shoot-coop kaib, Medicine Mountain. A new holy site of the shamanic native Americans is formed, right in the middle of the Flatirons.

Some say they have seen the shaman out on his rock. Somehow, none ever remembers his face. They see the gods blessing upon him when he is out there, praying. However, the gods are blinding their eyes and none ever sees his face. Those of the proper faith leave the Shaman alone. It is his place after all. Even the PCC security leaves the place alone, aside from making sure that no outsiders desecrate this new site of worship. They let the Shamans work in peace, as is the custom of their people.

Sat Aug 29 09:53:33 2020

Warrens, South Sunrise, Saturday August 29 2080

With all the hubbub about the activity in the Sticks another news was almost overlooked. A change has happened within the Blackhearts, Black Eyed Sue had finally found a challenger that beat her, ending the Blackhearts under new management. Sue is now reduced to a position of first lieutenant to the new leader, even if she is still a little bit disgruntled at the loss of her status. The new star was a young man going by the name Gaebril, an unknown quantity that only a few weeks ago joined the gang. A real upstart with no known intend and purpose for his quick rise up the ranks. Changes are comming to the Warrens…

Thu Aug 27 13:26:10 2020

Denver Official Newscasts, following the big bang in the Sticks, Thursday August 27 2080

The young female elf news speaker is reading out latest news, all kinds of average things that have happened in Denver through the week as she in mid-sentence is interupted by the Newsflash jingle. The life reportage page appears and soon after that an image clearly broadcast from a helicopter somwhere over Cherry Creek park, the park can be seen down below, the Warrens Wall behind it, then the area where heavy Wuxin Military Presence secures the Area as the voice of Rita Moxton, independent news agent, can be heard. "About fifteen minutes ago the Neighbourhoods around the Sticks were wakened by the sound of a dragons roars and massive shooting and rotor noises. People checking on things, and face it, that was about everyone in the vicintiy report seeing Serianna the feathered serpent leaving the area leaving the scene to heavy corporate infantry and air support units. As we stand here we hear shooting in the background and as you see the area has been cordoned off by air forces. We see a large convoi of construction machinery and construction supplies waiting on the former E-470, so long degraded to a border patrol route to keep the Warrens under control. We see single persons being hunted down by organized groups of what clearly are trained military units. It seems the long feared and loathed group going by the name THEM, living in the Sticks, is finally taken care of. The only real puzzling element is the heavy implement of waiting construction machinery. It certainly seems the Sticks are getting a kind of … overhaul." Suddenly the camera turns to the sight and the majestic sight of the great dragon Ghostwalker comes into sight flying over to the Sticks. "And here is Ghostwalker! What is the ruler of Denver doing here? We are waiting with bated breath!", the moderating reporter exclaims. The footage shows the dragon settling down on a hill south of the Warrens, overlooking the proceedings there. For what seems to be a long time nothing is happening. Then a large surge of mana strikes out from where the dragon sits and crackles all over the area where still the one-sided fighting goes on between gangers and corporate troops. Even to the unarmed eye it gets quite clear that the massive areas wasted by toxic spillage in the area are looking massively cleaner as that magic washes over the area with visible magical powersurges flaring up all over the area. After that the dragon once again spreads it's wings and flying over the sight seems to check up on the area, before he too flies off again. Leaving things to the metahumans on the ground. "Wow!", the reporter exclaims as it seems she finally got her speech back again, "That not something you see every day! Did you see these massive sparks all over? I know not all kinds of magic are visible on camera, but this seemed to be a quite physical kind of magic!" The awe in the voice of the elf reporter is quite obvious still. Seems even an old dog as Rita Moxton has things that can get to her. After that the news keep on showing more images of Wuxing troops hunting down THEM gangers. Less than an hour later the machinery moves into the area, secured by the present security troops.

Thu Aug 27 12:52:59 2020

Warrens, early Morning, Thursday August 27 2080

Ork Town and Fox Hollow are stirred out of their sleep by the sounds of a high pierced draconic shriek, as well as shooting and blasts from the Sticks. It is accompanied by the unmistakable cries of people dying. Helicopters and other VTOL aircraft are cruising all over the area of the sticks seemingly cordoning off the borders towards the more civilized areas. A few haunted looking members of THEM are caught by members of the Sons of Sauron and the laymen at the borders to the sticks who are making short work of them.

An hour later the shooting stops down and as the dust settles THEM have stopped to exist. In their stead a huge force of security with Wuxing markings secures the perimeter of the area. Fences are erected and heavy construction machinery is moved into place. It seems something big is happening in that part of the Warrens.

Sun Aug 16 05:02:47 2020

Denver, Corporate Court, Sometime in July

A fact that has passed the attention of most of the world almost unnoticed is the fact that on July 15th 2080 the corporate court aggreed to follow the United Nations lead on accepting both Ghostwalkers reign over Denver, as well as the new Djotto Serri Nation. Official diplomatic channels have been opened since and only now this small but important fact is getting media attention. Not breaking news but news nonetheless.

Sat Aug 15 14:22:27 2020

Djotto Serri, Reno, Saturday August 15, 2080

In Djotto Serri the new ork nation finally election had been held too. The first task of the new government, not surprisingly led by the former ork general Kika Elo, being to establish the nations new constitution that had been fought so much about.

The most important points of the constitution where as follows:

1) The nation of Djotto Serri is built around the natural form of living together for orks. Clans. Clans hold the power in local, regional and even the national scale. Represented by elected clan leaders in the respective councils, who are in turn supported by their clans councillors.
2) All intelligent beings are capable to request citizenship inside the Djotto Serri, but they have to join one of the clans inside the nation to do that. The clans do have the right to deny an applicant. The clan council of the clan such an application goes to is responsible for the process of members joining.
3) Free Spirits are also considered intelligent beings. If they are capable of sufficiently sophisticated decision making. This also includes the ability to get flagged as a criminal as a free spirit. Regular conjured spirits, even if considered as intelligent beings, are not held liable for their actions, though. It's the conjurer that will get blamed for a bound sprits actions.
4) General human rights apply to all intelligent beings inside the Djotto Serri. A proclamation that especially Nations as Asamando gave quite a lot of praise. The Ghoul nation having been among the first to establish an Embassy in Djotto Serri after that.

The nation also started with an aggressive campaign to aquire urgently needed technical and magically versed personell to staff all kinds of positions within the nation. The growth in both population and economic power is staggering at the moment. A lot of effort taken to attract ecology friendly technology. This month the first new fusion reactor was activated at Reno.

Sat Aug 15 13:55:26 2020

Tir Tairnguire, Seneca, Since the end of the Civil War in Tir Tairnguire

Things have gone more or less back to normal in Tir Tairnquire though of course a few things have changed. An election was held and a new Council of Princes, elected for seven years is now presiding over the elven nation. Not unexpectedly Prince Rex became new High Prince of the nation. There is still a lot of tension between the old powers and the new powers, the old princes still holding a lot of sway with the Paladins who officially are now sworn to the new democratically elected Council. Some still hold strong loyalties to their old masters, though. Not a lot of things changed otherwise, other than a more liberal policy of entering the country and doing business in there. The last months have seen a strong touristic business emerge in Tir Tairnguire, bringing in much needed money. The elven nation quite capable of fascinating people.

Another development started within the Tir, but is not limited to that nation. Inspired by wittnessing the concerted actions of a magically active runner and her mate during the Civil war a new movement has been founded to both achieve a better insight into and assistance with magic for the non-magic populace. The majority of the involved mages are female many of which have started concerted training with one (or more) male counterpart(s). They are only calling themselved the Tower. And their main headquarters is in Seneca/Tir Tairnguire. These women have sworn magic oaths to the following effects:

1) Not to use their magic to harm anyone unless in self defense.
2) To always tell the truth.
3) Acceptance of all magic users, regardless their tradition

With these oaths in place the group had a surprising uprising in membership worldwide. The Tower has by now built a new headquarter building in Seneca using magic and modern technology in concert to build this huge Arcology tower in record time. Formed like the spiraling horn of a unicorn.

Tue Jul 21 13:44:50 2020

Denver, Warrens/Boneyards/Teocalli Wreckage, Tuesday July 21 2080

The situation for the gangs in the Denver Z-Zones has not improved. The crime syndicates are currently busy securing their own situations. Taking care of these low profit side areas has gang politics has no high priority for the crime lords in such a situation. They are trying to salvage as much of their all too well known sites, digging them deeper into the less lawful areas, but at the same time using their own men to secure them and not trusting some gang or other externals. This has had the effect of driving like the Royals and Sinners out of some of their previously more profitable areas at the edge of the Warrens. Having to watch from the side as the cartels take residence in what was previous their turf. Unable remedy the situation this also is causing pressure within those gangs to find territory to replace their lost ground. Which in makes all of their neighbors nervous and twitchy. It is all too clear that it is only a matter of time before some of the building tension will erupt in new violence in the Warrens especially. There is already whispers of gang wars brewing.

Tue Jul 21 12:12:33 2020

Denver, Tuesday Juli 21 2080

Peace has fallen over Denver. Most of the wounds of the past conflicts are healed, though a new slum has started to grow where formally the Aztech Teocalli has been. Ghosts of various kinds have made it impossible to clean up the mess that happened there and other undesireable elements, Ghouls and other scavengers have moved in to take care of the burried dead and other treasures that lie hidden in the depths of those ruins. The area now a labyrinth of half collapsed or burried rooms, remains of the Teocally that didn't get fully destroyed, despite the dragons surprisingly accurate blow.

Under the surface other things are cooking too, now. While Ghostwalker solidifies his reign over the newly formed Denver Domain. The criminal cartels, already weakened by the previous blows to them by a pissed off Law Enforcement Agency, are struggling for a place in the new domain. It is getting quite obvious by now that Denvers new ruler is not needing their cooperation and is in fact purging old connections of the organized crime into law agencies and other vital resources where ever possible.

Things have even gone so far that some lesser crime lords have desperately sent emmisaries to the Great Dragon. Just to get them sent back in bags.

The message is clear.

Ghostwalker has no need for the organized crime.

Interestingly enough it seems the dragon has a much more relaxed posture towards smuggling. As long as he gets his cut, at least from the bigger setups. The little single-person smuggling enterprise is not bothered by the dragons representatives. Anything more organized than tha has had a 'friendly visit' by a representative of the dragon, 'asking' them to deliver a tithe of ten percent of the winnings to the dragon for his continued 'protection and cooperation at the borders'. Slowly supply lines are formed to replace those that got cut right after the dragons takeover. And Stuffer shacks, Paco Taco and other Aztlan provided enterprises seem to be able to slowly fill their shelves and larders again. There too it seems the dragon is turning a blind eye to constructs that allow Aztlan to indirectly sell in Denver, even if it seems to be clear he is not allowing a fully fledged Aztlan subsidiary in his domain that might allow the Nation/Corp, any kind of extraterritorial standing.

Wed Jul 1 14:09:03 2020

Djotto Serri, Reno, Wednesday July 1 2080

More details are released about the way the Djotto Serri plans to rule in their nation. It is decided that two police forces are founded. One on regional levels and one on national level. These are to report to the regional Clan Council and the National Clan Council respectively. Where lesser crimes (like theft, burglary, etc.) are handled by the regional police forces, the national crime forces handle major crimes. The first hints of the Djotto constitution are also getting public. Two strong points will be that all kinds of intelligent magical and physical entities are entitled to rights that more or less are cover the full extend of the UN charters metahuman rights. Regardless of race or origin, as long as no crimes are committed within the nation. Djotto Serri has made it clear that no claims of crimes of their citizens outside the country will result in extraditions to other nations, as long as that citizen has no criminal records within the Djotto. First drafts seem to make it clear that all kinds of modifications are allowed with the Djotto, with the clear limitation, that they need to register with the officials within the Djotto. All kinds of non-registered modifications inside the Djotto will result in a criminal charge, depending on the kind of the modification. However, due to the no extradition clause the country has, it has no treaties with other countries to arrange the same kind of pardon of their citizens abroad, granted within the Djotto. Currently jurisdiction is discussed in the countries formation council.

Tue Jun 30 15:30:57 2020

Djotto Serri, Monday June 30 2080

A similar process, though much more relaxed, was happening currently in the Djotto Serri. Also advised by Hestaby, the ork nation is giving itself a constitution and a governing body. The talks are far more advanced however. They started last week. Some things are already clear. Others are still debated.

The Djotto will be reigned by a National Clan Council to interact with other nations and make treaties with them. The members of the national council will be elected from a regional Clan Councils, who consists of all clan leaders of their region. These clan leaders will elect one of their own to serve in the National Council. The regional clans will have their own sphere of influence and will be led by their own clan council with their own elected clan leader. Usually this post is for life, but it can be challenged. This is how far things have gone this far. There is still a lot of talk about national and local legislature and jurisdiction and how it would have to interact and where the competences would be for certain necessary tasks and services.

Tue Jun 30 15:11:34 2020

Tir Tairnquire, Monday June 30 2080

A council is held by the Rinelle ke'Tesrae. The main point of it being the new government and potential constitution of the nation. Hestaby is present in a role of advisor as are all kinds of representatives from the Rinelle's various factions, with the notable exception of the Brat'Mal, though with a sincere majority of the liberal parts of the grouping. All of the surviving Princes are present. Prince Rex holds the initial speech. He speaks of not wanting to shower blame on one faction or the other. He speaks of wanting to create a lasting peace that all involved parties can live with. He even speaks of pardon to those that are willing to help build a new Tir. A more open Tir. A Tir that will listen to the people instead of following the words of just a few, as well meaning as they might be. The speech, translated by his voice, Ellisar Qiceran, is receiving quite a lot of applause. All too many of the present are aware of their failings. The Princes are almost looking like they are in a court at the start of the words, but slowly seem to grow more relaxed, even if they mostly show quite a kind of poker face, not wanting to show their true emotions it would seem.

After that, the non-public part of the council starts with hours and hours of negotiations. Not a lot gets out. Only vague rumors emerge. In the evening, the council adjourns to the next day to have some time to think on the results of this day and continue negotiations the next day.

Sat Jun 27 07:26:40 2020

Tir Tairnguire, Dodge/Portland, Wednesday June 23 to Saturday June 27 2080

The battle over Portland finally decided in the favor of the Djotto. One might think that would be the end of things, but our group of runners had found hard facts and information that the Brat'Mal had been planning for this very chance, no … probability. There is still lots of splinter groups hidden out in the periphery of the Tir and they are preparing to make things a nightmare for the new elected government. Myobu, Tyto, Laz and an elf Samurai are heading out, sneaking from place to place eliminating the infrastructure of those cells, including the elimination of hardcore key members, primarily by taking them prisoner, where possible, and handing them over to the acting government officials. Only were needed will people be killed. One key installation is secured with a mesh of fibers, partly electrically conducting, partly just there to separate these from each other. This requires the clever use of re-weaving to bypass and keep casualties at a minimum. One of the team members was proving an unexpected knack at untangling this weave and readjusting it without causing an alert. Team Tactics, where used throughout, to, aided by their magic support by Little Sister, Mr. T and Smoke who kept spirits and other astral being at bay, undo the threat of more organized racism in the Tir. The mages are having a much harder time than the physical team, having to accompany the more sneak affine team in the flesh. Sure, magic helps there, but not at all times. There is shooting, there is melee, and climbing is something both teams have to do at times to be able to work together in loosely coordinated teams. Only once the mages fail in entirely disabling an enemy spirit, causing one of the enemy leaders to escape as the sneak team stares idly into nowhere. Otherwise, all aims are achieved. This minor failure still hurts the runners pride still.

Serianna has some work with the mages as they return more than once, them having been beat up pretty badly on more than one occasion. Remember, the Tir is a land of magic. You do not easily meddle with elves on their own turf.

Thu Jun 25 16:58:59 2020

Tir Tairnquire, Dodge Portland, Sunday June 21 to Monday June 22 2080

Two more phases are planned with two teams to each.

The first of those phases is physical and astral investigation of a relevant area in Portland. To that effect a vaguely feminine feline figure, a bald sallow tall man, an owl-like humanoid shape, someone looking like Dr. Manhattan and a golden shining amerind are heading out to investigate on the astral. The Dude, Rooks, Tyto and Laz move into town in a more common way. Using the bus. The astral team, of course arrives first at their designated examination spot and at once is caught up in a battle against Brat'Mal mages, a very specific spell used at some point gains attention and is analyzed, then the team is successfully making their way on the astral place into the complex to investigate for the soon to come physical team. The aura of an item they see their catches their attention and to analyze it, they have to pass a ward set up in the Sperethiel language. While this quite extraordinary ward attacks them with strong magical tentacles.

The physical team takes, following an advice from their astral scouts, a backdoor. Unfortunately this ends them with their hands on a ticking time bomb they hurriedly defuse. After that some bullets are part of an exchange program. Exchanging position in the runner's guns with a quite hurting one on some elf's body. These elfs can be grateful that this special batch of runners is more interested in gathering information and not killing. Gel hurts, but it does usually not kill. The last elfs are taken care of with bare hands and strength. One of the runner's guns gets damaged and requires a quick repair, then they assist their astral companions with the translations, followed by a quick climb out over the roofs and back to the Operation HQ in Dodge. Information from the files they just stole has to be evaluated. While the mages get some help with their wounds from an unexpected source. Serianna the Feathered Serpent that befriended Laz, has shown up at the HQ to see after her elven friend. Seeing the wounded mages, she offers her assistance with that problem.

Wed Jun 24 15:30:55 2020

Warren, Bare Knuckle Gym, Saturday June 20 2080

Golden Gryphon, ThOR, Samurai Food Delivery Felines and Little Sister meet up in a back room of the Bare Knuckle Gym. They are the spear head of their assorted team doing the preliminary work of finding suitable tasks for the follow up teams aiming support the efforts to reduce the Brat'Mal influence in the Tir, so disturbingly strong in the Portland area still.

These Deckers, a quite illustrious group of different talents and experiences, move out to enter the Tir RTG and meet one of their contacts, but it seems someone within the Brat'Mal has gotten wind of their intends and a trap was prepared. The Deckers escape, but the fight took a toll on them. Only hours later, after some rest, will they be able to continue their mission, acting on the information gained in their first approach.

Sneaking into the data site they allocated with the assistance of their Tir contact, the Deckers start the laborious work of reprogramming a system on the fly, trying to gain access to a hidden data vault. Unfortunately the Sites IC is not idle and noticing changes way beyond the intended parameters it starts to react. To get both, the reprogramming and defense organized, Little Sister has to take command and meticulously direct her fellow runners to deviate the Countermeasures away from the place of the real activity. Finally the reprogramming is done and the group can finally access the hidden data vault and here, to his utter surprise, it is Samurai Food Delivery Felines who is able to bring up some special knowledge, as the data they want to insight into was encrypted using chemical molecule formulae. But to Felines this is something he does as a past-time, so the code is cracked easily and with the data in hands, the team jacks out of the Matrix.

Now all that remains to do is the burden of evaluating what they have gotten themselves, analyzing and refine it to use it to aid their fellow runners of Stage Two of this mission.

Tue Jun 23 11:13:19 2020

Tir Tairnguire, Portland, Saturday June 20 to Tuesday June 23 2080

Target Portland, creating the central supply and medical support stage in Portland, that is Captain Carpenters orders from General Elo. For once the General will not be there. She was called away to the founding council of her own nation, Brigadier General Boole is taking her place in this part of the campaign.

The beginnings are rough, the captains men have to push through lots of resistance from both enraged citizens as well as fanatics, most of whom do not care in the least for the lives of the Blue Helmets, especially as most of the soldiers are of the goblinized races. Wounds are taken on both sides and Carpenters combat group is thanks to their leaders' special knowledge in the medical area and its requirements is nominated to lead the efforts to erect and protect the Mobile Field Camp. In the middle of the chaos of a city in upheaval a quite demanding task as the Captain and his men have to realize. Necessary though, to keep casualties as low as possible.

The combat groups of Sergeant Jones, the Fist of Judgment and Sergeant Halevi's Grumoge Fighters have, as the core of the defense efforts, to reject several attempts at looting and sabotage, the base intent clearly, to let the Blue Helmets bad while delivering the stolen goods as proof of their own 'good' intentions. The two combat groups form a thoroughly defended cordon around the Hospital. And even though some of their Warriors get injured in the fighting, no breach of security occurs.

After that, the most important task happens to gain the natives confidence, making them realize that they can trust the treatment of the Blue Helmet Soldiers. Here it pays out that Captain Carpenter had given out orders to only use non-lethal means to deal with the natives and him having taken some lessons in Sperethiel. Even though his use of the language is probably horrible to hear for the natives, a Mnemonic Enhancer only lets you learn the words, but does not teach you how to use them correctly. In effect even those pretending to not understand English will have no chance but to acknowledge they understood the meaning of his words. Things calm down for a while, trust gets accumulated. The captain's troops finally can concentrate on aiding the people instead of fighting them.

Days pass before one of Halevi's men stumbles on a couple of children that seem nervous. Once again, the captains language skills are in demand and they find out that the Brat'Mal has set up several automated gunnery points to lead the Blue Helmets threating their command post into a trap. Armed with this knowledge the Fist of Judgement and the Grumoge Fighters move out with Captain Carpenter to deal with the threat. Literally in the last moment the groups can take the position of the guns from their defenders, allowing their skilled Captain to disarm the trap set for General Boole and his troops. These troops not taken out, the Brat'Mal gets caught at an undefended flank and they can finally round up the command post of that nasty group. The Blue Helmets fight for Portland is over, even if there is still a lot of turmoil from splinter groups in the general area.

Djotto Serri, Reno, Tuesday June 23 2080

The rewards? Major Hargrave Carpenter has the distinct honor to hand Sergeant First Class Jack Jones his new insignia and pin the Djotto Serri Distinguished Service Medal onto Sergeant Halevi's chest. After that, their unit gets relieved to take quarter in their new clan territory at Freshwater Lagoon. The Major now head of the Orick Clan of Orks with his Sergeants Jones and Halevi being Honored Warriors of the Clan, as the highest decorated fighters. The Djotto Serri combining the necessary with the practical, by placing some of their best fighters into a clan that also protects the southern flank of the strategically so important and in this short time quite massively grown Crescent City. A clan consisting primarily of the Majors former veteran troops.

Sun Jun 21 13:51:02 2020

Tir Tairnguire, to Portland and back again, Saturday June 20 to Sunday Jun 21 2080

As things had gone quite smoothly last time Borderline decides on a slightly bigger coup this time. Loading her truck full of medical supplies, currently a quite scarce property in the trouble ridden Tir Tairnguire she moves across the border. At a tanking stop she starts to regret her decision suddenly faced with an angry spirit just gone free. Luckily it's the smallest kind and after some serious spirit bopping the dwarf can drive the thing away. But things keep going wrong as patrols crisscross around the area in aircrafts, only with her ear on the radio and serious knowledge of the usual air traffic procedures to be involved is she able to escape them in her so much slower truck. And then … she is almost in Portland this ruffian troll asshole of a Djotto Soldier is in her way, wanting to do a thorough investigation of her truck. Melee ensues, as the guy is on his own and she cannot risk him getting a whiff of her non-declared load. Having him down she realizes that this guy seems to merely have stolen his uniform. A ganger out of luck. Well better than the alternative and her having half of the Djotto on her heels. After this she is in Portland, a bit out of breath, but happily selling her untaxed goods to needy people. Seems the day still had some good endings for her.

Sun Jun 21 06:52:46 2020

Tir Tairnguire, Portland, Sunday June 21 2080

One might think it would be easy to donate to a good cause. In this case it proved much harder than thought, if not really a problem for Merek. First the shaman had to get through a crowd of people, a lynch mob as it proved to be as he, after using a gel-loaded shotgun he took from an overly idle security man to get himself 'heard' finally had their attention. Stopped by his clearly break through arguments the shaman then had to find a way to escape the mob himself, having become the mobs new target, moving out of side and getting away from them quite in a hurry. Okay… it helps if you can use magic to assist with the sneaking. After that he used some of the more obscure magical theorems he had heard about to deviate some elf mage trying to catch him. Damn … all he wanted to do was some donations to a worthy cause. But then … this elf had a quite healthy purse on him. Finders, Keepers!

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