Globalemits August 2019

August 2079

Fri Aug 2 2079

Boston, UCAS

Occasional bouncer, bodyguard, and erstwhile runner Judge rings up his contacts from a vid-phone on the street. He's in a new town, but caught wind of the Draco Building Heist on the trid.

He gets the voicemail for one contact, then rings another, a local fixer. He's a little unsure of what to ask, but his Fixer checks in on some leads. An hour later there's a call back - "No dice, haven't heard anything." Unfortunately for Judge, someone passed along the source of the inquiry and now another party knows about Judge - the wrong party.

Fri Aug 2 2079

Denver Shadowland - Multiple Postings

No one touches it online it's so unbelievable - not even the recent "V" sub-channel on Shadowland. Who then insist that someone in the Deep Dragon State has created this, to mock their own conspiracy "truths".

Sat Aug 3 2079

Trace Program Failed - Minimum Location Info: Public Vidphone, Downtown Denver.

Carpenter inputs the information on the burner and gets direct access to a prominent R&D Senior Exec at the DRACO Foundation, a Dr. Nigel Findley. Findley's security gets jammed up trying to trace this stranger on the other side.
Carpenter plays the kompromat for Dr. Findley. He's not here to make enemies, the samurai explains. But he wants in on the hunt for the recently and publically pilfered Artifact. Which itself was (allegedly) stolen from another party.

Dr. Findley passes along a confidential number, "Her name, the name we were given is Theresa Allhoff, Saeder-Krupp FRFZ Liasion Director. She's working directly for those who work directly for Him and our staff, including our Directors. Best I can do, I'm already in hot water….please promise this secret doesn't get out."

Once the data is exchanged, Carpenter bleaches the data on his end. "Promise is a promise."

Mon Aug 5 2079

Boston Metroplex, Location Unknown.

A shadowrunner out of his element and perhaps in over his head, works the digital shadows of the matrix and a few of his contacts while out on a job. The gist?

Dear DRACO Foundation: In need of a shadowrunner? Call Walker.

The message, astonishingly, does not fall on deaf ears. Call it kismet/lady luck/mercury in retrograde. He doesn't hear back -yet- but he's on someone's radar, and if they need an extra set of hands - he just might be their first call. Or his last.

Tue Aug 6 2079

Mount Shasta, Disputed Zone, Hestaby's Lair - Currently Abandoned.

Nothing beats a home-court advantage, even if you've lost your court. An infiltrated maintenance drone, a few hacked frequencies, an unlucky lug of a guard, and next thing he knows, Laz is exactly where he should be, listening in on the Sader Krupp channels as he makes his way towards the his goal - something called 'The Talent'.

Tue Aug 6 2079

Mount Shasta, Disputed Zone, Hestaby?s Lair (Cont.)

Laz uses the combined kinetic magical action in him to subdue, eliminate, garrote, silence one pack of guards after another. A death machine with a singular goal. Occam's Razor is inevitable, and when the alarm trips he's already at over a dozen SK Black Ops agents under his built. Switching to heavy firepower to match a barrage from the corporation illegally squatting in the dragon's property. Machine gun barrels glow orange in the dark hallways of the labyrinth. Spells bullets and fists fly. A powerful mage, only known as Overseer, readies a last stand spell - something as powerful a small scale tacnuke in power - essentially vaporizing all biological targets in it's path, including the caster, with a white light of heat. .

Tue Aug 6 2079

Mount Shasta, Disputed Zone, Hestabys Lair (Cont.)

It is a war zone, something the Hollywood Studios would kill for. Every cliche comes to mind in an action movie. When it is all said and done, half of SK forces at Mount Shasta are now counted as a pound of flesh for the physical adept - but not before taking Deadly damage himself. His body riddled with grave wounds, flesh in places in ribbons, he suffers staggering magic loss and only a matter of time until he bleeds out somewhere without proper medical attention. He smiles a ragged bloody loose-toothed grin feeling the rare Dragon Relic, The First Coin of Luck, is in his pocket. The hounds of Saeder-Krupp on his heels. The mushroom cloud of smoke above Mount Shasta portends greater change in the air.

Fri Aug 16 2079

Various Locations: Mount Shasta / Tir Taingire/ California Free State / Vancouver-Salish Shide Territory (Cont.)

CFS Troops - ragged and in a stalemate with the JPC move north towards Mount Shasta as black smoke rises on the horizon.

Tir Taingire troops along the South Border Wall move past their entrenchment, prepared to slay anyone in their path.

Just north of the Portland Wall, a bomber passes heading NXNW towards Knapp Landing - a simple Salish trading community and border town. 200 dead in a biological attack by morning. Salish and Tir point fingers. The media spits out tensions at all time high. Seattle and Denver call for calm. Stocks take a jolt overnight in reaction.

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