Globalemits July 2019

July 2019

Wed Jul 10 2019

Mount Shasta, Disputed Territory.

Squads of SK corporate forces maneuver up the mountain. Bodies falls. After a six hour standoff with local shamans, Hestaby's lair is breeched with shaped C4 charges and classified spells from the R&D department. One squad seemed to know exactly what it was looking for:

"Das Talent haben wir uns angeeignet"

Wed Jul 10 2019

The Triangle District, CAS Downtown.

The Skyscrapers glitter like silver spires here, rising into the clouds above the pristine streets below. A Hughes Airstar glints in the midday sun as it traverses Denver's airspace and make way towards the Draco Foundation's tall building. Tight security was needed across Matrix, Mana, and physical. Draco's key research scientists and appraisers are present on the deck for the hand-off for the item: A dragon egg, glowing runes etched into it…from another time.

"Get a press release ready. Then, I want to know if this is viable…..and the worth. Because this did not fall out of the sky in Berlin." states a lean elven woman in protective but fashionable corporate gear.
"Copy that, Ms. Daviar" replies the lead scientist over the blades winding up again.

The rotocraft lifts into the air and it's Saeder-Krupp logo grows smaller over the horizon.

Fri Jul 12 2079

Location Unknown, City of Denver.

The Phateon limousine pulls into the Rolling Bones Bowling Alley parking lot. The sky line of Denver on the horizon. The bowling alley had gone into arrears and now was owned by a dummy corporation maintaining the vacant business for when he came to town. The window rolls down, a nicostick butt is tossed out of it. The door opens and a polished shoe extinguishes the smoking detritus with a swivel.

Prominent Denver fixer Teague, aka Teeg, aka Mr. G&T, is back and ready to do business for those in the know. His security team sets up displays and countermeasures while he sets up refreshments. High time this town had a real shadow auction.

Fri Jul 19 2079

Tir Taingire Embassy, Clayton Neighborhood, UCAS-FTZ

Another round of protests erupt outside of the Tir Taingire Embassy following the UN's decline to motion and rebuke war crimes alleged by Great Dragon Hestaby. Lugh Surehand, locked down at the moment for security, views the protestations form a vid screen with contempt.
He motions to a political aide and speaks in Sperethiel, "Let's dump the news from our shadowy friend. And I want a press release - we're reneging on Denver…Seattle as well. Homeland revitalization in Portland - Larry can handle the messaging externally, here. And get me Silverstaff on the phone, immediately."

Fri Jul 19 2079

Denver Datahaven / Shadowland Data Dump, News62 Story covers shortly after:

File Snippets, all alleged:

Jeremy Falloon, in his teens, dressed in the PoliClub outfit of Alamo 20K at a rally in Michigan. His face blurry, but unmistakable. An elf effigy burning in the foreground.

Jeremy Falloon, audio recording, (JF) It's a shame Mary didn't bite it in that attack. Still unsolved, which makes me wonder.

(Female Voice, Unidentified)Aw baby, we've got you covered. That sweet contract extension and me at your side…no one would take the chance. Now come here.

(JF) I like when you switch back into your southern accent. (voices laughing, audio cuts out)

Fri Jul 19 2079

The Draco Foundation Building, 27th Floor, Triangle District, CAS-FTZ

Security was tight and round clock. Yet the group of shadowrunners managed to swoop in as if they'd run the course before, as if someone had laid out a bread crumb trail to follow to get in via the roof with minimal resistance. Gunfire and magic rake the R&D clean room. Camera's shut out just as the attackers would appear on footage.
Inside the room, a Dragon Egg pulses with energy within an electrified containment field. Various instruments measuring the shell are yanked off by gloved hands. Draco Security, backed by a Saeder Krupp retinue engages the runners. Bodies quickly drop as powerful Wind and Water Elementals appear and make short work of security.

Fri Jul 19 2079

The Triangle District, CAS-FTZ

Witnesses spot a chunk of wall from the Draco Foundation skyscraper yanked off as if by magic, yet the prominent sound of a heavy helicopter's blades reverberate off the concrete canyons below.
The silhouette of bodies appear to jump from the hole in the building, arms outstretched and sail forth in multiple directions gliding away just as a LARGE orange fireball erupts from the point of departure. Flames licking the building up to it's roof. On the street people run, speed, scream.

The wall chunk hovers on it's own momentarily, then drops and crashes down onto the roof of a smaller building glass shards - hammering the streets. People run, duck, cover and it's over before it started. In the distance, sirens.

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