Globalemits June 2019

June 2079

Thu Jun 20 2079

Little Amazon Park, Aztlan Sector

Walking amidst the manicured jungle aesthetic, in 90 degree magically controlled humid air Councilman Hector Ramirez walks lazily with Councilwoman Elizabeth Kalheim. Aztlan executive protection assets and a coterie of CAS-Gov bodyguards share coverage duties. Perhaps there's truth to the rumors about these two. But that doesn't matter as the massive spirit of the Jungle rises to attack the two. »CODE ROJA« and the guards spring into action. The attack fails, and only a lone Ramirez-detail shaman dies, still - this is bad news.

Thu Jun 20 2079

CAS Sector, Undisclosed Location

Elizabeth Kalheim places a call to Jeremy Falloon (no answer) and waits to hear from Ramirez. A PR blast is sent out extolling surprise at the attack on the Councilman Rairez's lone stroll in Little Amazon Park.

Thu Jun 20 2079

58th Ave and Washington - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Sioux Sector Entertainment Complex Ceremony

Councilwoman Mary Cat Dancing's frail leathery appearance belies an uncanny mind and political cunning disguised as wisdom. She sees the flash of the scope, but her bodyman feels the impact as he dives between the bullet and her body. His head explodes like a soft warm watermelon, bone shrapnel cutting into her skin. The full force of the SNP bear down on the location, but the shooter is already dead and disfigured. Cameras capture the assassination attempt live.

Thu Jun 20 2079

UCAS District, Private Office of Councilman Jeremy Falloon

Damien Knight and Lugh Surehand are watching what Jeremy is watching on the display screen. Security rushes into to assess their clients and Prince and exfil to a secure location. Somewhere deep in Jeremy's secure PLTG fingers deftly touch data-points with little to no scrutiny for 20 seconds.

Sun Jun 23 2079

Denver Council Hall, Aztlan Sector

Following Hestaby's morning testimony, impromptu protests erupt outside the Denver Council Hall. "No Sir, No Tir". Signs about "Warrens Ain't A Laundromat", "Hestaby Truther" etc.

Denver Council security, nervous following the attacks, tase, narcoject, and sleep spell two dozen protesters before they are remitted to various sectors for disorderly conduct.

Hector Ramirez and Jeremy Falloon exchange apprehensive looks from inside the Council chambers. "Should I call him?", asks Hector.
"Let's wait on that, for now. I better head back home to game this out." Jeremy replies.

Sat Jun 29 2079

Boston Metroplex, Location Unknown

The blonde elf goes by many names, but some in Denver (especially CAS Sector Lone Star Chief Rayland Heart) know him as 'Lazarus. A double agent for the Tir government, and now hired by a great dragon, he can feel time closing in on him. Death stalking the trail of destruction in his wake.
Hestaby let him know it was only a matter of time until Lowfyr's forces would find her and the Scrolls were still out there. Icewing, too. The elf checks in on his contacts - so far, no one's found them. Yet.

Sat Jun 29 2079

Aztlan Sector, Denver.

The Denver Council announces it's intention to consider Lugh Surehand's petition to join the FRFZ with it's own Tir Sector. Hector Ramirez, Aztlan Council rep, bristles at the motion for consideration and staunchly opposes. "This motion is mierda!".
Elsewhere, Aztechnology uses this opportunity to launch corporate raids on Ares subsidiary holdings in the UCAS sector. It's a two-pronged approach - score points with their Denver Council rep, and undermine the competition.

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