Globalemits July 2018

July 2078

Mon Jul 23 2078

The Warrens

The blockade is working. Gang alliances fracture to an intra-Cold War. Hope's faded since 2077's Halloween Night rioting. The public couldn't stand outright human rights abuse and brutality by the City. But covertly? Out of sight and mind? No problem. This is the Sixth world, baby and ain't nobody got time for some SINless wretches.

Mon Jul 23 2078

Denver Data Haven

Silvery K flags recent news events, scrubbing camera feeds from a CAS-District shootout and compiles datapoints on possible local runners who might have intervened.

Fri Jul 27 2078

South Hampden CAS District

The Fallen Angel is bustling - the crowd the right mix, the drugs are the right mix, the entertainment's the right mix. In other words, a Friday night.

Suddenly, three loaded up Nissan Patrol cars swarm the front entrance. Four Star officers a car. The lead team fires a headlight Flashpak burst via the driver's VCR before addressing the guards.
Warrants are mentioned, something about Council Special Directive 10-B. Hands up hands up hands up. Inside it's gel round bursts, plastic restrains, yelling and shouting. Some of the folks get away, a lot don't.

An armored westwind pulls up, tinted windows concealing inside. "Make sure the databases are extracted - we'll start running down SIN's. Anyone who's been here, any lead worth chasing down." Chief Rayland Heart silently toasts himself with a bottle of water.

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